Producer / Director – Andrew Garton
Director of Photography – Mike Wilkins
Editors – Andrew Garton & Jary Nemo
Production Assistant – Laura Emerick
Colourist – Mike Wilkins
Titling – Amanda Gibson

Budget / Finance management Auspicious Arts
Community Liaison – Mahony Kiely
Music – Invention in Time, Charles Brown, Neatly Folded Goat

Aerial footage courtesy of I-Drone, Brett Chilton and Michael Prinzi

Archival footage courtesy of Warwick Page, Quentin Fogarty and Quotable Productions
Timelapse footage courtesy of Barry Thomas

Courtesy of Carolyn Chalton, The Davey’s, Neil Grant, Amanda Gibson, Georgia Munroe, Joji Mori, Kerry Cross, Rachel Cavill, Rob Tarrant, Wendy Gottlieb

The Australian Blacksmiths Association (Victoria), The Tree Project, Dunmoochin Foundation, Mahony Keily, Amanda Gibson, Barbara Joyce, Laura Emerick, The Black Saturday Museum, City of WhittleseaThe Australian Government’s regional arts program the Regional Arts Fund, Victoria.