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These Grassblade Benches and Sculptures were designed and created to accompany the Blacksmiths’ Tree, a community response to the Black Saturday fires that devastated rural Victoria in February 2009.

Designer and metal artist Amanda Gibson gathers a team of seasoned blacksmiths from the world over to forge a life size stainless steel and copper gum tree within a community traumatised by fire. The Blacksmiths’ Tree was not without its challenges, but what it became for the people who anticipated its completion is something no one could have imagined.

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As communities in Victoria supported each other through the aftermath of the Black Saturday fires blacksmiths the world over united to create the most ambitious public artwork and memorial in Australia – The Blacksmiths Tree.

A three channel version of Our Tree – forged from fire. Debuted at Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, Federation Square, Melbourne, 2014.

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Detail of The Blacksmiths Tree. From the Our Tree installation.

Co-produced with a small team of secondary school students in Whittlesea, Victoria, Australia. Commissioned by the City of Whittlesea for the Into The Light Festival, September 2013.

Thanks to the City of Whittlesea, Baseline – For Young People – City of Whittlesea and the folks at The Tree Project for their support.